School Is Back In Session My Friends!

Welcome back from a long summer! And oh, what a joyous summer it was!

I’m back here at Weber State for my senior year! (I know, I can’t believe I’m a senior either!) And lo and behold, Weber is better than ever! I have a feeling this year is going to be a fun one, once again.

Welp, I am glad to start this blogging thing again! As you can tell, I have my work cut out for me with this whole top 10 thing. But as stated before, for your sake and for our dear beloved David Letterman’s sake, I will finish! I will keep you updated on the new events in my life. And, there are many I’ll get to in some later posts! Keep your eyes peeled.

This post will be a short one, but I just wanted to say welcome back to another school year!


#8: My Roommates!!!

Growing up with 4 brothers, the thought of living with 5 other girls scared the heck out of me!! Living with 5 girls has taught me more than I could have ever bargained for.  3 years ago, when I moved in to my apartment, I had full armor on and I was expecting the worse! And it has been everything but that! My roommates have single-handedly made my college experience. I have been blessed with the greatest roommates ever. Sappy? Maybe. But I really couldn’t ask for anything else. I could go on and on about how great they are, but I want to show you and let you (kind of) meet them so you can see how fun my roommate experience has been!

You will soon be able to tell that they are all beautiful girls! However, they have much more stank to their leg. This is what Shalese says about her rad roommates,

Meet Brittny: Brittny and I lived together for 3 dog on years! She just recently left on a LDS mission this past Wednesday. Brittny is ALWAYS good for a laugh and a good time! She has some of the sassiest sass you have ever seen. Not only is she a complete beaut, she is as sarcastic as they come! She is a sure treat! Haven’t you always wanted a friend like Britt? I think so.

Meet MK: MK aka Maranda K. Miss MK is a diamond in the rough. After 3 glorious years of living with this gem I have learned that she is spunky and when she gets going, oh boy does she get going! When she is hyper, there is no one I would rather be around! Also, she is one of the most spontaneous, fun-loving people I know! She is always running from here to there, going on this cruise or this trip to Africa! You are thinking she is a little irresponsible? Think again. She is one month away from being a nurse through one of the most prestigious nursing programs! Want a smart, fun-loving, rap listening friend? Meet MK. Or better yet, she likes dates 🙂

Meet Laiken: My dearest Laik Dawg is very special to me! We have shared some very special things with one another over the years. Miss Laiken (pronounced Lake with an en) also goes by the name Laik Powell. Laik is honestly the sweetest girl you could ever meet. You know when people want to become someone? EVERYONE wants to become Laiken. She is sweet, fun, charitable, sassy, innocent, smart, fiery and slightly OCD. All of those qualities make one of the greatest friends I could ever ask for! We have now lived together for 2 splendid years and they lessons I have learned from this fire-ball of energy are innumerable. Want a true friend for life, and a Rhoades roll cooking sexy momma? Meet my dearest, loveliest and sweetest Laiken!!!

Meet Danielle: Little Miss Danielle Marie, is a sight for sore eyes! She is a volleyball playing bombshell with the brains of a titan! She is smart, motivated, driven, funny, adventurous, sweet, humble and caring! Everyone knows Danielle and knows her to be the most sincere person they have ever met. She is from the exotic state, Idaho. My little Idahoan, Danielle, has blessed my life immensely. We have shared countless memories over the years! Now, I’ll tell ya what, she knows how to throw it down and have a good old-time! We have traveled the world together (Idaho, Utah, California and Las Vegas)! Danielle Marie is an example to many about making the best out of life! Take the time to meet my phenomenal pal, Danielle!

Meet Ashley: This beauty queen is striking! She is the most comfortable person to be around! Her chill demenor is purely enchanting! Ashley is one hunny who constantly gets the job done! She is hilarious, vivacious, spunky and a Lake Powell junky! On a wakeboard, she commands the wake to do her dirty business! Around Weber State, she is known for a being a wild good time! She has a hearty laugh that keeps anyone around! Aside from her fun, she owns the biggest heart around. She is so loving, caring and accepting! All I have to say is, you have never met someone as rad as Ashley.

Meet Laken: Laken (prounced Lake and then an n) shares the same name as the other Laiken!!!!  But she is anything but a follower! Laken stands out everywhere she goes! Lake has this laugh that is unforgettable! With all of the people I have met throughout my life, Laken has the most positive attitude hands down. She is always smiling and enjoying every ounce of life that comes her way! She is one of the most all around talented people I know! She runs cross country for the University and she rocks at it! She is another leading lady from the beautiful state of Idaho! There she worked on an actual potato farm and she can brew up some mean baked potatoes, I’ll tell you what!!! She is the hardest worker around. She has blessed so many peoples lives over the years, including mine. Laken is a fiesty, hilarious, responsible, beautiful and enchanting female! She is honestly ONE OF A KIND!!!

Great girls yeah? And the girls you met are just a few of the roommates I have had! I have loved my experience living away from home with them! They have all taught me lessons about hair products I didn’t even know existed! I want to give a shout out to all of the other roommates that have graduated from or newly welcomed to our apartment! Shout out to: Alyse, Chant, Jill, Michelle, Kelcie and Katie!

If you want this experience for yourself, there are many apartments around Weber State that will give you this one of a kind experience. Campus Housing now includes Promontory Tower and University Village! Check them out!

To end, here are some pictures of the fun times we have had over the years!

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#9: Small Class Sizes!

“Number 308”, is not my name! My name is Shalese Hadley and I am not a number at my school!!  When making the decision of which school to go to, I was looking for a school where I could be involved and professors knew my name! I have found my ideal situation at Weber. The average Weber State  Freshman class size  is 28!! Some high school classes are not even that small.

For all of those  who always question the dependability of the statistic, let’s break  my experience down.

This semester my class sizes are:

  • British Literature: 25 students
  • American Literature: 23 students
  • Ballet 3: 15 students
  • Jazz 2:   20 students
  • Nutrition: 30 students
  • Teaching Modern Dance: 8 students

See guys! Our class sizes rock! Keep in mind I am a Junior, so most of these classes are upper division, which usually tend to be smaller. Please take not that  even when I was taking my generals, I never had a class that was more than 70! To me, that is a huge perk! Small classes make college a more personal experience. It makes me want to learn becasue my professors know my name, my needs, and my tendencies. Therefore they can cater to me on a personal level.

Due to the fact that my class sizes have been small, my past 3 years of attending Weber State, I have personally known the majority of my professors because they have the resources and ability to do so! I love the fact my professors can get to know me and that I feel comfortable asking them questions. For me, small class sizes have made the difference in my education!

Here is a picture I took in my American Literature class. This shows how small the classes are!

#10: The Great Outdoors!!

Ogden is famous for outdoor recreation! Forbes Magazine voted Ogden the 2nd most livable place in the U.S.!! People come from all over to vacation, live, or enjoy the fruits of the great outdoors here in Utah!! I am no exception! There is nothing better than the outdoors. Can you think of something better? I honestly can’t!

Having lived right on the Wasatch Front my whole life, a good portion of that time in Ogden, the outdoor opportunities started flooding in!! The combination of the beautiful outdoors, friends who share the same interests and the outdoors being so accessible has made for some grand adventures over the years!

I want to spend the majority of this blog letting you guys see with your own two eyes some of the adventures I have been on! Guys, life is sooo good! Soak up the beauty!

This is just a few of the adventures I have been on. All of these pictures were taken literally less than 30 minutes away from my house and Weber State University! Do you see why people come to Weber? I love it here! I get so excited telling you guys about why I love it so much. So you think I am a little bit of a Weber nerd or a little over the top? So be it. Guys, Weber is great!

Along with all of my personal adventures, there is a program at the University called the Outdoor Program. They do everything you can think of! They have a rad rental center right on campus with all the gear you could ever dream of! They are always setting up way fun trips! They have a huge rock climbing wall right on campus in our main gym! And the staff is some of the coolest people you could ever meet! If you are interested in all of this and haven’t been introduced to it before now, when is a better time? Get involved with the Outdoor Program! Let me know if you have any questions about local outdoor recreational activities. Or about anything else!

There is nothing better than the beauty of the outdoors! I have had some incredible experiences so far living in Ogden. And the best part about all of it is, I know I have MANY more ahead!

Top 10 Reasons I Love WSU: Coming Soon to Blogs Near You!

Hey ya’ll!

So, my mind has been racing about how and where I am going to take this blog. The reason why I am doing it is to hopefully help students who are considering Weber. In my mind I keep thinking about what will be most beneficial to you! And then a thought came to mind! Why not follow the wisdom of the 4th most inspirational men living today, David Letterman. For the next 10 consecutive weeks, I will be posting Shalese Hadley’s Top 10 Reasons to go to Weber State!!!!! This will be MY top 10 favorite things about Weber. Everyone loves something different and I want you all to know why I love Weber State!

Doing a blog series will take time, strength, creativity, endurance, power, hunger, agility, passion and so much more. Just kidding, but really I will follow through. Heck, it is only 10 things right? Throughout the next 10 weeks, this picture will be my motivation. I do feel obligated to tell you that the list will be numbered randomly because it would be too painful to rank. It would be like asking a mom to rank her children, George lucas to name his favorite Star Wars film, or Justin Bieber to name his favorite strand of hair. I will come through and I will not dissapoint you. I cannot dissapoint Dave.

They Tend to Call Me Ea$y Money!

It is a fact! My nickname in these neck of the woods is in deed, Easy Money! The origin or meaning of my nick name is yet to be decided. But it stuck like glue and some don’t even know that my real name is Shalese. As interesting as that is, I’m not here to talk about all of my nicknames. Today, Easy Money herself, wants to talk to you about what made her dreams of college a reality.

When facing the decision of what school to go to, I know one of the largest factors in the decision is how and who is going to pay for school. When I was a perspective student in my Senior year of high school, I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going to be able to even go to college. It had been something I had wanted for a long time, but I wasn’t quite sure if my family necessarily had the means to pay for something so expensive. Folks, here I am 3 years later!! I am a Junior at a wonderful University!!! That is all made possible by the wonderful thing we know today as, scholarships. And my post today is to educate you what scholarships we offer at Weber State!

At Weber State University there are many different scholarship opportunities! Honestly, I’m not lying folks. There are academic, departmental, activity, service, leadership, private donor, performing art, athletic and need based scholarships. Do you think one of those categories applies to you?

This all sounds great right? Possibly a little intimidating? I know it definitely was for me! Well, let’s make it real ea$y. Shall we?

Here is what Shalese says the steps are for future scholarship opportunities:

#1: Be admitted to the University —–Fill out the online application!  Pay admissions fee of $30 and send us your high school or college transcripts!

#2: Fill out the Scholarship Application! After you apply you will have a Wildcat portal. The application is on the left side of the screen.

#3: Look at the Scholarship and Financial Aid website! It really is so helpful!

#4:Some scholarships require different applications. For example, leadership scholarships require a different application depending on the leadership scholarship itself. Also, most performing art scholarships require some form of audition. So stay posted! Also, you can find anyones phone number or email on!

#5: If you are interested in Federal Funding Aid there is the FASFA. Go here to apply for the FASFA!

#6: If you feel more comfortable on the phone, feel free to call the Scholarship office at 801-626-7569! And if you have any questions about Weber State University please call the Student Recruitment office at 801-626-6050!

I hope some of this information helped! Weber really does make school a possibility! I will continue to post about different scholarship opportunities!

Howdy Partner

My name is Shalese Hadley. I am a Junior at Weber State University! I am studying English Education with a Dance Education Minor. I have now lived in Ogden for going on three years and I love it here!

Things you need to know about me are: I am allergic to Jolly Ranchers, I love old Western movies, I often shower with my socks on (try it, it feels magical), I love the wild outdoors and me and my friends like to roll like a G6.

I am a student Ambassador at Weber State University. My hope in writing this blog is that it will be a helpful guide in anyone wanting to know what it is like to be a Wildcat!

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